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Our tools are used by the leading gaming asset managers in the space to collect yield across dozens of games.
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Heimdall: Gaming Asset Management

Heimdall is a gaming asset management product enabling investors and guilds to operate and delegate game assets across games, blockchains, and thousands of players simultaneously.
The product supports contractless NFT delegation, accounting, automated payouts, and player analytics to optimize performance inside of gaming economies.
Heimdall is currently active in Axie Infinity and Crypto Unicorns. Access the app at

Product Features

Heimdall is built on the idea of hierarchical delegation, where nominated managers can delegate tasks down a chain to other managers and players.
Hierarchical delegation is mandatory for organizational scale, and it consists of:
  • Admins
  • Managers
  • Players
Admins nominate managers, and, those managers, in turn, delegate assets to players. Admins are the only individuals who retain complete control of keys and access to the assets. Managers can move around accounts and assets inside of teams that they control. Players, trustlessly, can operate the assets inside of any game environment.
And we really mean any game environment -- our protocol is compatible even with games without "scholarship" or rental functions at all, because our hierarchical delegation works at the wallet level.
  • Admin permissions:
    • All access to assets
    • Appoint managers
  • Manager permissions:
    • Limited access to assets, able to transfer within teams they control
    • Appoint players
  • Player permissions:
    • Restricted access to assets, able to only play with assets they are assigned
    • Can perform any in-game or on-chain transaction using scholarship wallet assets
Kapital Asset Management Protocol
To date, the Kapital DAO has partnered with nearly every major gaming-focused blockchain as well as over 50+ games to scale DAUs through hierarchical delegation.

The Only "Post-Production" Delegation Solution

Importantly, our protocol is a post-production solution for games, meaning:
  • It can be implemented after a game has already deployed
  • No technical requirements or changes needed from the game's engineering side
  • Works on any game, regardless of architecture
This post-production characteristic is crucial, because games do not have time to rewrite their backend engineering, as they need to be focused on creating great games. We receive a high volume of requests to list games inside of our protocol because of this low-lift functionality.
We believe the future of the space lies in millions of players cooperatively building, generating value, and living inside of a shared social game fabric. All of this enabled by blockchain and real on-chain ownership of digital assets with actual value, just like our honored web2 predecessors (e.g. EVE).

Game Self-Onboarding SDK

We'll be deploying an SDK by which any game can easily list themselves inside of the asset management protocol. We expect this to dramatically increase the speed of games onboarding into the ecosystem, which should concomitantly entice ever more gaming organizations to join the fold, resulting in a rapid three-way marketplace flywheel between games, guilds, and players.