$KAP Staking

There are two categories of pools, with multiple instances within each for diversity.
Staking is now live at Learn how to stake here.

Pool Rewards

At launch, 10% of KAP tokens will be reserved for staking rewards. The DAO may vote to buy back its own token in the open market and place it back into the staking pool contracts to incentivize liquidity beyond the currently committed rewards.

Core Staking Pools

There will always be one active staking pool:
  • Liquidity Staking Pool (KAP-ETH)

Opportunity Pools

As the DAO develops, the DAO may vote to implement specialized opportunity pools to enable tokenholders to specifically opt-in to certain community activities. Examples may include:
  • Game-specific pools
  • Player team-specific pools
  • Event-specific pools
  • Partnership-specific pools

Locking, Vesting, and Boosting

All pools offer variable locking periods from 1 week to 52 weeks, and all rewards vest over 52 weeks from the date of claim. These longer staking periods will be rewarded with substantially amplified rewards.
Additionally, we've pioneered a new method by which stakers can re-lock their initial stakes in order to receive substantial rewards boosts. These boosts increase over time until they're used, thus creating a set of self-balancing incentives for liquidity providers to continue to stake longer.