Kapital DAO builds tools and provides advisory for scaling the web3 gaming economy.
The Kapital DAO has five product verticals:
  • Odyn Games, a web3 browser gaming platform in a seamless Netflix-like UI with blockchain abstraction for easy onboarding of web2 players.
  • Voru Growth Bot, a community growth tool that enables cross-platform loyalty points and consolidated item shops to allow easy engagement incentivization.
  • Heimdall Wallet, a gaming asset management and contractless NFT delegation solution for trustless management of complex scholarship operations.
  • Valhalla Global, a web3-focused esports organization for scaling participation in partnered web3 games.
  • Fenryr Advisory, a web3 gaming-focused consulting and token deployment shop enabling gaming projects to deliver to their target markets significantly faster.
The Kapital DAO is supported by talent out of MIT, Techstars, Goldman Sachs, and Columbia University, among other prominent institutions.
Investors include Yield Guild Games (YGG), Blocklords, Shrapnel, Illuvium's Kieran Warwick, Solana, Polygon, Algorand, HBAR, NEAR, and many others.
All fees for Kapital DAO products are paid for using the KAP token.
Games seeking to improve player distribution should visit Odyn Games, Voru Bot, and Heimdall Wallet.
Organizations seeking to improve user engagement and retention should visit Voru Bot.
Players seeking scholarships should apply for scholarships via Valhalla's Discord.
Builders looking for blockchain dev lift and management advisory on a web3 gaming project should visit Fenryr Advisory.

Cross-Chain & Game-Agnostic

We're entering into close partnerships with each of the major chains to ensure direct two-way organization and game flow between our protocol and those ecosystems.
The KAP token is not being offered as a security, and contributors should have zero expectation of profit, irrespective of the plans and ideations outlined in this conceptual paper. Furthermore, public token launch pools will not be available to any participant with a US IP address. See Disclaimer for more info.
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