Kap Games is the leading web3 browser and mobile gaming publisher.
The Kap Games ecosystem has five product verticals:
  • Odyn Games (, a web3 browser and mobile gaming platform in a seamless Netflix-like UI with blockchain abstraction for easy onboarding of web2 players.
  • Voru (, a community growth tool that enables cross-platform loyalty points and consolidated item shops to allow easy engagement incentivization.
  • Heimdall Wallet (, a gaming asset management and contractless NFT delegation solution for trustless management of complex scholarship operations.
  • Valhalla Esports, a dedicated group of distributed gaming creators with specific local influence in their native geographies.
  • Fenryr Advisory, a gaming-focused web3 consulting and token deployment shop enabling projects to deliver on their target milestones significantly faster.
All fees for Kap Games products may be paid for using the KAP token.

If you are...

... a browser or mobile game, reach out in our Discord to get listed on
... a community or creator, visit to improve follower retention for free.

Omnichain Partnerships

We've partnered with almost every top-50 blockchain to bring you dedicated technical or funding resources and get your game off the ground. Our tech is compatible across all chains and enables builders to deploy in-game assets and giveaways no matter where their audience lives.
The KAP token has not been offered as a security, and contributors should have zero expectation of profit, irrespective of the plans and ideations outlined in this conceptual paper. Furthermore, public token claim pools will not be available to any participant with a US IP address. See Disclaimer for more info.
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