$KAP Token

The KAP token is our connection to our community and contributors and provides utility access to all of our services and tools.
The KAP utility token is non-inflationary, with only 1,000,000,000 minted.
All fees are charged in KAP where possible. If fees or earnings are taken in a token that is not KAP, those exogenous tokens may be swapped into KAP in the treasury.
  • Staking
    • Dual-sided (KAP-ETH) liquidity staking pools will be available near launch
    • Premium in-app features or discounts may be available to staking participants
    • KAP holders may vote on partnerships, acquisitions, and possible rewards
The treasury will periodically monetize its holdings to pay developers to maintain and improve the DAO's core protocol offerings.

Circulating Supply

Initial circulating supply will be somewhere between 12,000,000 - 50,000,000 KAP (1.2% - 5.0%) pending market demand. This supply will increase as ecosystem treasury activities and rewards for liquidity provision enter circulation.
KAP's token generation event occurred on October 5, 2022, and all vesting timelines are drawn from that date.

Distribution & Vesting


The ecosystem treasury is to be deployed for community incentives, partnerships, and liquidity rewards. We believe it is important to distribute more to the community and less to the team and investors as the community is ultimately the guiding light that will drive the DAO. The more vested the community is in the shared vision, the more powerful we become together.
These tokens have no lock but unlock over 48 months.

Staking Rewards

The initial rewards pool for staking will be seeded with these tokens. The DAO may refill rewards.
These tokens have a 12 month lock and vest over a further 12 months. (Note: User rewards will be unlocked one year after claiming, similar to projects like Illuvium.)

Market Liquidity

Both decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and centralized exchanges (CEXes) will be seeded with a small amount of KAP to enable initial liquidity.
These tokens are unlocked and have no vesting.

Liquidity Pool

Some amount of tokens will be immediately distributed via a Balancer pool to create initial circulating supply.
These tokens are unlocked and have no vesting.

Private Rounds

These tokens are distributed to key investors, games, organizations, and partners in order to access the Asset Management Protocol or list their desired partners inside of the app.
The project closed at a valuation of $56mn on the seed round, and $100mn on the strategic round.
These tokens are locked for 12 months and vest over a further 12 months.

Core & Advisors

Core team members and key advisors are incentivized to construct the DAO and associated engineering platforms using these tokens. Note that not all of these have been allocated, as some have been reserved for additional hires.
These tokens are locked for 12 months and vest over a further 12 months.

Future Hires

Some amount of tokens is reserved to incentivize additional team members beyond the initial core group to contribute to the project at an undetermined date in the future.
From TGE, these tokens are estimated to be locked for 24 months and vest over 24 months.


As a DAO, we strongly believe that the collective voices of the contributors are the beacons that illuminate the best paths forward. The DAO aims to become completely decentralized over a period of 24 months, wherein the community ownership of the DAO will eventually outpace the founding team and investors. This is deliberate and intentional. We're excited and lucky to be here at the beginning, but you are the future that will ultimately set the course of history.
Holding the KAP token implies participation in a large number of diverse gaming and metaverse-related opportunities across the space, and may enable better access to early projects.
There will only ever be one token, the KAP token. We will not be creating subDAOs and multiple feeder tokens to support individual games, contrary to the trend in current DAOs. The value remains in the KAP ecosystem.