Asset Management Protocol

Our enterprise-grade gaming asset management tools are already live, and lightyears ahead.
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Kapital Asset Management Protocol

Kapital Asset Management Protocol

Web3 gaming organizations use our service to scale into the tens of thousands of players, seamlessly. We enable trustless delegation of all operations back to community members so that players can focus on the game and admins can focus on capital allocation.
The system operates on a delegated hierarchy: Admins, Managers, and Players.
  • Admin permissions:
    • All access to assets
    • Appoint managers
  • Manager permissions:
    • Limited access to assets, able to transfer within teams they control
    • Appoint players
  • Player permissions:
    • Restricted access to assets, able to only play with assets they are assigned
    • Can perform any in-game or on-chain transaction using scholarship wallet assets

Game SDK

We'll be deploying an SDK by which any game can easily list themselves inside of the asset management protocol. We expect this to dramatically increase the speed of games onboarding into the ecosystem, which should concomitantly entice ever more gaming organizations to join the fold, resulting in a rapid three-way marketplace flywheel between games, guilds, and players.