Valhalla Esports

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Valhalla Global: Gaming Guild & Esports Brand

Valhalla Global is a web3 esports organization producing sponsored monthly leagues for large cash prize pools across games like League of Legends, Dota, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Axie Infinity, and many others.
Valhalla promotes quality game partners and awards dozens of valuable waitlist spots in upcoming web3 games to dedicated players. Valhalla houses thousands of asset scholarships and players dedicated to participating in the web3 gaming open economy, all running on the Heimdall asset management protocol.
Features include:
  • Key assets in AAA blue-chip games
  • Request your own NFT assets and swaps in the Heimdall app
  • Sell NFTs in games and earn based on your performance, beyond just tokens
  • Breed & run other operations in games, far beyond what other guilds permit
Interested players are welcome to sign up on our waitlist here.