The Kapital DAO:
  1. 1.
    Builds institutional-class web3 gaming management protocols;
  2. 2.
    Operates a massive gaming guild of over 50k+ members in top-quality games.
Our management protocol is already used by guilds scaling into the thousands.
We envision a world wherein any person, regardless of where they live or who they are, has the ability to earn online by following their passion. We envision a world where gamers are embraced for their dedication to their craft and compensated accordingly. We envision a world where economic freedom enables communities to support one another in unique and truly human ways.
We envision the Kapital DAO.
Kapital DAO connects individuals and contributors to the metaverse. With a focus on sustainable income, technological scalability, and esports talent cultivation, Kapital DAO sits at the epicenter of web3 gaming.
Our scaling technology is already live with multiple guilds using it to scale into thousands of scholars by trustlessly delegating whitelisted gaming permissions back to their community. We are committed to onboarding the next one billion people into crypto, and believe scalable infrastructure solutions coupled with education through blockchain gaming to be the best attack vector for that lofty goal.
We solve for both halves of the same coin -- we build scalable guild tech infrastructure, and we operate it at scale as a massive gaming guild.
We collect yield from our guilds-as-a-service management offerings, gaming guild operations, and early asset partnerships as arranged by the DAO-appointed Investment Review Council (IRC).
Our scalable autonomous guild tech enables anyone to spin up their own guild and delegate submanagers to operate their assets within a self-custodial walled garden.
The Kapital DAO requires guilds who use the service to stake KAP, and we collect a small service fee which supports the Kapital DAO treasury.
There will only ever by one KAP token, focused on high-quality gaming projects and bringing highly scalable tech infrastructure to guilds.
Tokenholders are encouraged to review the smart contracts available at launch, which confer very real governance rights and vote-escrowed control of the treasury.
Players seeking scholarships should apply for scholarships via our Discord.
Guilds seeking access to our Autonomous Guild Service should apply here.

Your ticket to the metaverse

As a protocol, the Kapital DAO offers value to each level of the value chain: players, guilds, and contributors. Each of these holds a special place within our community.


Players can earn substantial income inside games that the Kapital DAO participates in. These players are our #1 priority. Without their passion, none of this would be possible, and we're keen to reward them in ways that go above and beyond what they might be used to earning in "web2."
  • Top-tier access to early opportunities in new game ecosystems
  • Kapital DAO tokens (KAP) performance incentives at all levels, not just the top
  • A Kapital NFT that levels up with you and you can take to metaverse partners
  • Exceptional coaching from dedicated esports names you know from Twitch
  • Scholar splits determined by DAO vote, with a default of 50/50
  • Unique perks like game NFT transfers (e.g. switch Axies when you want & qualify)
Players at all levels should apply for scholarships via our Discord.


When we constructed the Kapital DAO, we didn't have just our own community in mind, but instead wanted to build infrastructure so robust that we could empower any community with passion to set up their own Guild in the metaverse. Our tech solution is already live, with current and future offerings including:
  • Quotas for automated payouts defined by nominated managers
  • Seamless NFT asset transfer between accounts
  • Assigning / revoking scholars from game accounts
  • Grouping scholars into groups for advanced analytics and management (aka subDAOs)
  • Standardized DAO contracts & setup, linked to our own codebase to reflect updates
  • Delegated asset management permissions for autonomous guild control
  • Assistance with initial community token distributions
  • Access to our extensive network of community contributors and donors
The Kapital DAO monetizes the service by taking a small cut of transaction revenue, and, in the case a guild decides to deploy our one-click DAO tooling, the Kapital DAO retains a small allocation of those newborn guilds' tokens.
Guilds who wish to use our tech protocol to scale should sign up here.


As a play-to-earn guild, Kapital DAO offers exposure to almost every aspect of the metaverse gaming space. Kapital DAO is unique versus other guilds in that it does not aim to create multiple subDAOs. There will only ever be one non-inflationary token, and your participation in any facet of the guild will enable you to vote and participate in any other facet of the guild. Revenues may be redistributed via DAO vote, which will enable participants to selectively opt into yields associated with games and ecosystems they prefer.
We are blessed to have one of the strongest communities and set of backers within the metaverse to date. We invite you to join us on our mission to enable billions of new earners to find real value and freedom in this brave new world.
The KAP token is not being offered as a security, and contributors should have zero expectation of profit, irrespective of the plans and ideations outlined in this conceptual paper. Furthermore, the launch pool which initiates public distribution of the token will not be available to participants with a US IP address. See Disclaimer for more info.
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