The Kapital DAO builds web3 gaming asset management tech used by the world's largest guilds and biggest games to rapidly onboard players and improve delegation.
To date, the Kapital DAO has partnered with nearly every major gaming-focused blockchain as well as over 50+ games to scale DAUs through hierarchical delegation.
We've built the leading web3 gaming management solution for institutions, which is actively enabling gaming organizations and largescale investors to easily deploy millions of assets into games thanks to hierarchical delegation.
Hierarchical delegation is mandatory for organizational scale, and it consists of:
  • Admins
  • Managers
  • Players
Admins nominate managers, and, those managers, in turn, delegate assets to players. Admins are the only individuals who retain complete control of keys and access to the assets. Players, trustlessly, can operate the assets inside of any game environment. And we really mean any game environment -- our protocol is compatible even with games that haven't launched "scholarship" or rental functions at all, because our hierarchical delegation works at the wallet level.
We enable the next generation of organizations with millions of members to deploy into web3 gaming. While web3 guilds of 2021 were impressive in their own right, we believe the future of the space lies in millions of players cooperatively building, generating value, and living inside of a shared social fabric. All of this, enabled by blockchain and real on-chain ownership of digital assets with actual value, just like our honored web2 predecessors (e.g. EVE).There will only ever by one KAP token, which is used to pay fees on the platform and other utilities.
The KAP token and the entire web3 gaming asset management protocol are the result of nearly a year of labor of talented engineers, smart contract developers, and economists who created a novel set of contracts to enable tokenholders to truly own the protocol that they believe in. Unlike other protocols, when you vote within our governance framework, you have the option to actually execute transactions on-chain, which means that there's no manager-in-the-middle like most other "DAOs" in the gaming space. We take web3 seriously, and we want to move the entire space towards that more honest view of decentralization.
Players seeking scholarships should apply for scholarships via our Discord.
Organizations seeking access to our tools should visit

What we offer

We offer straightforward value to every component of the web3 gaming ecosystem. No roadmap promises that will never come to fruition, just real engineering that already works.

Gaming Organizations & Massive Investors

Deploy institutional capital confidently. Stop fighting dropped transactions and clunky manual accounting books. Empower your best players to run your organization for you, trustlessly.
  • Scale to millions of assets using our hierarchical delegation to nominate managers who trustlessly subdelegate to players at infinite scale.
  • Cross-game toolsets that massively simplify your accounting workflows because we distill all core game functions into one common framework, so that you always know what to expect, no matter what game you happen to deploy into.
  • Save time and reduce costs by outsourcing what used to be manual web3 gaming transactions to your community and various automated taskbots within our protocol.
  • Weapons-grade security based on a set of whitelisted permission structures, used by the same industry giants like Fireblocks that paved the way for delegated asset management.
Asset Management Protocol
Access the asset management protocol at


Games that get listed in our protocol have exposure to thousands of orgs, without extra dev lift.
  • Increase organic reach by being listed right next to popular games from every chain to collect a diverse playerbase.
  • Improve institutional access simply by listing your game, and let our devs do the heavy lifting to build the right tools to let organizations scale.
  • Enable new features for your game ecosystem that may not even be on your roadmap, since we sit on top of your existing structure & do not require any additional assistance to integrate.
  • Streamer exposure via our expansive network of over 50,000+ members and weekly esports tournaments.
Partner with the Kapital DAO to ensure institutions can easily scale in your game ecosystem.
Games should create a support ticket inside of our Discord for listing.


Find orgs and games that work for you.
  • Get scholarships quickly in games that no other organization or player has access to, thanks to our proprietary hierarchical delegation and wallet node technology that enables players in games regardless of if the game has natively built out scholarship functions.
  • Earn performance bonuses based on your manager's intentions, as our protocol allows managers to easily toggle additional payouts to players with high performance.
  • Become a manager, since the protocol is completely trustless, your org's admins are incentivized to empower you to be the leader you want to be, and you can receive a percentage of all players' earnings that you manage for doing so.
  • Evolve soulbound NFTs as you participate within the protocol, where each NFT levels up based on your performance and unlocks new perks and cosmetic features.
Players receive evolving soulbound NFTs, which change based on performance and unlock new perks and rewards.
Players at all levels should apply for scholarships via our Discord.

Cross-Chain & Game-Agnostic

We're entering into close partnerships with each of the major chains to ensure direct two-way organization and game flow between our protocol and those ecosystems.
The KAP token is not being offered as a security, and contributors should have zero expectation of profit, irrespective of the plans and ideations outlined in this conceptual paper. Furthermore, the launch pool which initiates public distribution of the token will not be available to participants with a US IP address. See Disclaimer for more info.
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What we offer
Gaming Organizations & Massive Investors
Cross-Chain & Game-Agnostic