The KAP Guild NFT

Members of the Kapital DAO receive a free Guild NFT!

Free NFT, you say?

Yes! Community members receive a free NFT thanks to the beauty of Layer 2 scaling solutions.
These NFTs level up over time as players meet certain achievement milestones or exceed quotas, and the NFTs confer long-term benefits to holders down the road. A few fun examples may include:
  • Off-chain Snapshot voting power
  • Priority placement into new NFT games
  • Custom partnership skins from gaming or esports partners
  • Higher earnings opportunities
  • Access to DAO-specific NFT drops as created by the community
We're also actively exploring ways to enable you to take your standing in the Kapital DAO with you into other games and ecosystems!
NFTs are claimable once per account, and your unique wallet address will always apply experience points to the same NFT. We recommend not buying or trading them, but nothing is stopping you from doing so!